Hey! Glad you’re here! I know, you’re probably wondering what you’ll find here?.. and what is this whole “Alternative Ministry”? 

Well, read on or watch the video to the right >

My name is Rez.  I’m a guy much like you.. (assuming I’m attracting a male audience!) I have a variety of things that I’d like to say that will come out over time.  It may be mixed.. 

However it’s not entirely random. 

I have been inspired with ideas and thoughts that I feel I’m compelled to share.

It’s not “gospel” .. 

it’s not “dogma”..

It is deep thought though. 

And it is tied to belief in God and roles of man.. also to the revelation of truths and deceptions as well. 

I’m here to explore knowledge and belief. To ascertain these individual and collective truths among peers.. to those of like minded goals of self improvement. 

I’m here to help men to become better. To make myself better too..  to fulfill my duty. This is my Salah.

I’ll explain that last part later! 

We’ll get Healthier, Fitter, Stronger, Smarter, Happier and more through a course of actions leading to “Well Being”. 

This will be something different for each person.

I am formerly aligned with Primal Health Coaching having been “Certified”..  if you haven’t heard of that.. maybe you’re familiar with Paleo or Low Carb or Atkins etc..  or maybe, you’ve heard of the “Marks Daily Apple” blog?  

Anyhow.. maybe you are wondering about why I’m “formerly” aligned with Mark Sisson and his Primal Health Coaching ?  or maybe you’re just wondering what that can mean for you?

Great questions! 

First off, why I’m no longer seeking their “certification”..

It’s not because I disagree with the concepts or lifestyles that are advocated.. that’s spot on for sure. It’s largely because of a moral dilemma that I had with a business decision of Mark Sisson and his partner Aaron Fox.  

They decided to align with Heinz Inc. 

That’s pretty much it. 

Do I occasionally eat something that might be made with a Heinz product? Maybe. But that’s not the same as joining with them in a business venture. 

It’s more like being religiously opposed to eating pork but having nothing else to eat and feeling famished! Eating pork in this case is with reservation, maybe even a bit of detest because of the thought of it.. is not the same as eating pork without necessity! 

So, when I purchased the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification Course.. It was supposed to be a one time deal.. lifelong “Expert” recognition.. well they changed this to Primal Health Coach certification.. and later added the caveat that you need to re-certify after two years or so.. in my case, being an early endorser and buying into their Expert certification deal.. there is no cost to retest/recertify. So money isn’t the issue. It’s strictly a moral issue.. (maybe a little more!).

Many of you have come to this website after either reading a post in some social media thread or maybe having come across my podcast. 

You may be a little confused with the whole Health and Wellness Coaching dialogue thus far.. 

You probably were looking into men’s issues, relationships, entrepreneurship, freedom, LIBERTY and those types of things..

Or maybe you expected talk about God, Satan, religion and spirituality?? 

Well, rest assured I’m all about those things as well.. however I see them being tied together.. into Wellbeing. I don’t see how we can be in a state of Wellbeing if we are not well in all of those areas as well. 

So, my value added proposition for those of you who would like to help me grow this effort; is that I’ll integrate coaching in all of these things; including what I’ve learned from Primal Health Coach Certification.

I’ll have various levels with increased access to either group, webinar or private coaching options..  

They vary with your donor level for helping out this ministry of mine. 

Wondering why this is called an Alternative Ministry for the Awakened Man?

Because this is alternative to the narrative and guidance that society pushes on you! To what government pushes and even different than what most religious dogma pushes. 

We have been hoodwinked by the Devil.. we have been deceived in many ways. Our health, livelihood, relationships and more.. even our souls have been hijacked by evil people, governments and religions on the Devils behalf. 

We can turn this around.. if we wake up from the Dream World.. Yes.. if we Awaken as Men of God. 

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