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Escaping the Plantation? (Part 1)

Escaping the Plantation? (Part 1)

Do you know that you are on a plantation?


Did you really know that?

Do you even know what I'm talking about?

You do remember the history we were told of the days of slavery in the United States of America right?

You know, where the North fought and defeated the South over the practice of slavery and then immediately abolished it in the South.. well, that's kind of the story. But it's kinda not.

The war was really about something else altogether. Secession... power and economics. You see, the North couldn't have waged a war with the South for slavery when the North still had slavery itself! Right? I mean that would be hypocritical and unfair of them wouldn't it?

Slavery existed in both places... and the end of the "Civil" War ended the fighting and the secession, but only made Slavery more fairly distributed.

Oh, and it ended the idea of enslaving the Irish!

"What?" you say!

Oh, my bad, it also ended the enslavement of people of African descent as well. Yeah, sure... Well again, No. In actuality, it just gave us an illusion of that, and really enslaved nearly all of us.

I wish to explain what I think happened, and is happening, and what we need to do.

In the course of further writings, videos, audios, and lessons we'll explore this idea more fully... and we'll also dive into others that are just as troubling.

These ideas aren't entirely my own, but I've been blessed with inspirations to add to them. I recently watched a video of Sam Gerrans who related a very similar set of ideas.

First, the idea that many reading this and other writings of mine or Sam's or others, and then feeling like they have found a way out of one Plantation or another and found an easier path on another Plantation.

Well, they're simply wrong. Very Wrong.

Again, my ideas are not entirely the same, but Sam Gerrans is still discussing some of the prevailing misconceptions that I too have been dealing with.

And you too!

In his case, he was referring to Religion... and alluded to politics as well.

In my case I'm talking about both Religion and Politics... and Survival outside of both... and a variety of complementary topics as well.  While still being a Believer in God. In many ways, we are still talking of the same thing but from different perspectives.

I digress...

So the Plantation. It has an Owner. And what if that Owner had a bunch of Slaves... but he only required of them to Honor Him... and a basic set of rules? Would he be such a negatively viewed person? I mean, he gives you everything that you need to survive. Shelter, food, clothing, warmth, companionship, spouses... whatever you desire and need. You just need to commit a little effort. And always be aware of the source of all of your blessings.  And you're not to dishonor that source or the blessings.

What if you were part of the heritage of the owner? What if he gave you, from his own plantation, a piece of what was his and all you had to do was honor him by taking care of it. Not wasting it? He knows the nature of and how everything works there... so, he gave you basic instructions and the rest was all up to you.

What if that was the Truth. What if that is the "Red Pill"?

It is.

[Sidenote: although I hold that we were all duped into a new form of slavery, it's interesting to note that Kentucky rejected, and did not ratify the 13th amendment. They refused to ratify for many, many more years to come... Kentucky did not officially adopt the Thirteenth Amendment until 1976.]