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Dr. Kary Mullis

Dr. Kary Mullis

Dr. Kary B. Mullis


Ok, so no I didn't know Dr. Kary Mullis. I only learned of him post Covid19(84). Yes, I do write about this illness as a little bit of a farce. Not an entire falsehood mind you. But, a farce nonetheless.

A farce? Well, let's define that before going into the rest of this story. A farce today, is something that has broad or light humor. However, it came from a French cooking term that meant to stuff.. or as Noah Webster, in his first unabridged dictionary of 1828, defined the word farctate as “stuffed; crammed, or full; without vacuities,” Vacuities is as it sounds, it is empty space, as in a vacuum.

So, to elaborate a bit here, when we use the word farce today; in reference to humorous works its because nearly every void or space in a story  is filled with comical spins. This is what I believe is being done in regards to the whole Covid storyline. And, its not necessarily giddy funny... it is darkly funny.

So, why would I say that? Well, let's take a look at a few things.  First, lets talk about Dr. Kary Mullis's