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Bat Shit Crazy

Bat Shit Crazy

In the last five minutes:

I hear traffic on the street beside my bedroom

I hear a conversation of a phone call over the speakers in a car

People talking on the street

Dishes being washed and the clinking, clanking of silverware

A truck idling on the street in front of my house… and it’s pneumatic noises as it’s trash compactor operates and the men load and operate it

I hear the airplanes high in the sky

I hear the clock on my wall ticking

I hear a distant train horn blowing

I hear a motorcycle exhaust

I hear a car horn

I hear glasses being gently clashed together

I hear my heart beat

I hear my internal neck joints cracking

I hear car doors opening and closing

I hear my own breathing

I hear my wife’s shuffling feet

If it were possible to hear the mechanizations  of my own mind … I’d go bat shit crazy.

Is that a thing? “Bat shit crazy”?