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False Religions/Idolatry

The words of a scared man to his daughter.. the background story is that he was about to go into a surgery. The surgery was basically spinal and even though it was to be performed by an acclaimed surgeon and hospital.. there is always risk. Death or even some other unwelcome thing could happen in virtually any surgery. So, in the fear of the unknown and the need to express what might be the last thoughts expressed to his children.. he sent this small message.

In Florida there is a case where two women married each other and then had artificial pregnancy induced in one partner.. and when the baby was born the hospital refused to put the other woman on the birth certificate as the “Father”.. they were outraged! They are suing the hospital and trying to promote changes in “law” to allow this to happen (to allow both women listed in the birth certificate records).. it is only “Natural” for a pregnancy to occur via Male and Female intercourse.. through marriage or “union” of male and female.. not male and male or female and female. Do you see the role of Nature being obfuscated?  This is happening in religion too! It is being obfuscated. Believe in God alone? Or does He have partners? In the Quran and in the Bible and Torah.. we are told that God is One. We are also instructed that He has no partners! What did the Christians do to their belief in God alone? They attributed partnership with the messenger Jesus! This is “haram”!  Isn’t this the biggest difference that we are taught as Muslims about the difference between Islam and Christianity? But what have we done with Islam? Is it not the same? Don’t we say God only but then attribute so much to Prophet Muhammad? Even so much as putting their names always together on Mosque walls.. decorations etc.. even we say Allah casually ..(most of the time) but you’ll find Muslims all over the world very careful to say Muhammad SallahuAllaihiWassallaam or Muhammad SAW!  Why ? Because we have practically done the same as the Christians have done with Jesus with Muhammad! The only major difference is that we don’t call prophet Muhammad the Son of God or outright call him god.. however we have gone further than that in other respects! Aside from the Christian saying of WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?).. we have gone way beyond the phrase ! We have tons of sayings and beliefs about what he has done or would do and we try to emulate him! Through Hadith and Sunnah! Men and women both will do variations of copying him.. and tying it to whether it was Sahih.. is it approved by Bukhari, Muslim, Dawud, Tirmidhi, Nasa’i and Majah? When we go to Islamic lectures indeed most of what we hear are related in some ways (most often directly) to these hadith and Sunnah .. and very very little is pulled from Quran alone!  Just some really important things that are on my mind.. I’ve said a lot.. but honestly it is so very little! I say these things to get you to open your mind .. to be aware a bit of what is really going on.. and I have only barely scratched the surface.. I do this out of love. I hope that you don’t reject the message more than I hope you don’t reject me! I of course want neither of these to be rejected! I hope that you also share this message with others that are open minded.. open to learn and discover truth more so than to adhere to a tradition.  I hope and pray that is both of you girls.. even Amber and Troy .. maybe one day your mom!  Regarding your mom.. she hates me. Maybe you do too?  That is not my feelings towards you (either of you !) .. I’ll leave a YouTube video that I feel goes into a rather big reason that Bunda and I did not work out.. (a big part also is surely this message above about Quran alone.. and also Natural vs Artificial)..  the video is here:

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