A journey back to The Garden..

For seekers of Truth and those that are WOKE!

“(the) Quran was sent down as a guidance for mankind..”

-Quran 2:186



It is my plan to create an e-zine on topics that are of interest to me both secularly and as a Believer of God. Everything tying into living our best life here on earth and also keeping us on the straight path.. which leads back to the Garden.


Here I plan on producing Podcasts with content that is similar to the magazine; but also covering current event’s or spontaneous issues that I find interesting and relevant. I hope to also produce a Radio Show at a later time.. in both I plan on having guests as well.


The Quran is a message for mankind. It is accepted by those who believe in the One God, Allah (Our Creator and Sustainer) as the final message for mankind. It is the Guide for Believers.


There are too many topics that I wish to cover! Some are completely related to the Quran alone.. while others will deal with current social issues; such as the failing of men as leaders and more than that.. the plot of Satan in destroying men. This even becomes somewhat political as you will see. However, these are the stories/topics I wish to cover in the next few updates..