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Welcome to Resolutionary Man! .. What the hell is this site anyhow? Well… I’ve attempted this several time and really didn’t know which way to go with it. Didn’t know my “voice” etc.. and then I experimented with “voices”.. by “voice”  I mean how I present myself in text.. do I just wrote as I speak?  or could that not really come out right in text? You know how the tone in speech can give a different meaning? When we speak we can say things that when written might be misinterpreted or given the wrong emphasis. So, then how do I write?  Well.. I’m still figuring this out.. as well as what to write!  That is equally important. 

What I want to cover is health and wellness.. with an emphasis on men in midlife .. but, I also wish to help the younger guys too! So, there lies another challenge.. how to relate to both groups? I have another focus as well.. which is mental health and how it relates to health and wellness. How it affects our relationships, our work our success or failures in life. I’ll also talk about social changes in male/female relationships.. and how these changes have affected the development of men over the past several decades. 

So, I hope you are able to stick with me! I hope to also have dialogue with you all as well.. you can leave replies/comments/questions below posts and podcasts.. I will try to address as any as I can! 

Thanks for visiting!

Mehmet- aka “Resman”

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