Hey guys!.. My name is Muhammad.. I  also go by “Mehmet” and “Resman” (short for Resolutionary Man)… I’m a Truck Driver, a sheetmetal mechanic, a college Graduate*, a Health and Wellness Coach, a novice Podcaster, Blogger, Vlogger, a Dad, a step-Dad,  a divorcee, a debtor, a loser* and more..

I’m also a survivor, a winner and a dreamer.. and did I say an entrepreneur?

Its the qualities of being a survivor, a winner, a dreamer and entrepreneur tied with lifestyle design that I aspire to .. so that I can be better at everything else.. have more time for everything else and so that I can be a better Dad and Husband.. a better version of “ME”!

That’s it right? 

So, what else should I say? ..

Well, what to say..that is not really my problem. I often have too much to say! My real problem is deciding what not to say and then when I pick something that I really want to say.. that I keep on topic!

I am bad about that! (about keeping on topic).. I’ll talk more about that as time goes by.

So, this is supposed to be an “About” page.. About me? About my coaching? About psychology, relationships, money, health, kids, careers, entrepreneurism, weight loss, fitness, travel, food ??? Or half a million other things that I can somehow morph together and within the concept of wellness?

Yep.. all of that.

I have been through many challenges in life as I am sure you have too. In my case, I have had many obstacles and circumstances in life that have made my life quite difficult. I will talk about many of these things and related things in detail within this blog, the podcast and later on in vlogs and videos as well as within the some courses that will be developed.

I hope you can hang around.. that what I have to say somehow resonates with you, that something is helpful in what in what I say.. that all of us can go from being the underdog to being champions in our own way. Ultimately being the best versions of ourselves.. despite the adversities that have been thrown our way!

We can overcome everything in time.. with perseverance, wisdom, planning and action. The path might not always be the smooth one.. but we can get there… and help each other along the way!

I’ll try to update this as time goes by.. maybe explain myself a little more.. but this is enough for now.

I am glad you visited the site.. – “Resman”